Summering in Texas

We are in full-on summering mode -- yesterday we worked out, went to the water park (AGAIN), ate barbecue for a late lunch, and came home for a delicious nap in the dark, coolness of shuttered bedrooms. When I woke up, I was STARVING (guys, I didn't even eat the barbecue sauce since I'm no-sugaring). So I set off to HEB (our local grocery store) for supplies to make Pioneer Woman's Coconut Curry Shrimp for dinner.

Now, everyone knows it's hot in Texas in the summer. In Houston, we have the added bonus of wicked humidity. It's a sweaty place for sure. But there's this moment, when you leave the cold air of your car and walk into the Texas sunshine that feels delicious. The heat brushes your body and then settles deep. The air smells like summer. There is a gigantic flat of watermelons just before the automatic doors of the grocery store. And flowers. And herbs. You feel like you should pull on your straw hat and plant something. Or go fishing. Or lay on an inflatable raft in your backyard pool for hours, until your fingers get all shrivel-y.

But mostly, I just wander inside and buy organic vegetables and pretend.

Also, I preach.

When I got home I told Becca that Texas is a lovely place in the summer.

She stared blankly. 

I enumerated the reasons. My Summer Positive List:

1. It's hot, but Houston has the best air conditioning ever. We like our air icy cold. I have to remember to bring a sweater to church.
2. We have lots of pools. Most afternoons Parker hops from one pool to another all down our street. Hey, we are working with what we do have -- water and gunite.
3. People are so darn friendly. There's a lady who works at Target who calls me 'baby' and 'honey' when I check out. Makes me want to get my blanket and sit down for story time.
4. Houston has great food, particularly in the summer. Now that farm-to-table is the 'thing,' it's all fancy beets and leeks and local grass-fed beef. And watermelon.
5. We have Blue Bell ice cream. Amen. (But not me for July.)

My point is that, often, positivity does not come naturally to the teenage animal. So, pull out your summer soapbox and get to testifyin'.