About Us

Nest & Launch is about enjoying life in the mid-stages and next stages--relishing friendships, ideas, family life, adventures, music, books, ideas, and other aspirations. It's about nesting and launching our families and about those dual nesting/launching goals for ourselves, too.  Most of our posts fit under at least one of these categories: nesting (design, food, gatherings, projects, traditions), launching (activities, child development, launching kids, parenting), relationships (families, marriage, friendship and motherhood), and becoming (aspirations, books, culture, faith, essays, style, travel).  Basically we've decided to write about whatever catches our fancy. Come join us!

How do you two know each other?
We're virtual friends! We first became acquainted online through our personal blogs back in...oh...the dinosaur age equivalent of blogging. We discovered that we had a lot in common--we are about the same age,  share similar approaches to life and parenting pre-teens and teens, (even religion and politics) and aspirations. We were even both PhD mamas at the same time, juggling academic work and family life.  Score one for the wonderful world of the internet.

Many (often daily) emails and an in-person visit later, we decided to join forces to start up a website addressing our particular stages of life and parenting. There really wasn't much out there focused on these years of mid-stage parenting (with kids ages teen through young adult) and so we wanted to create the kind of site we wished already existed and start the conversation.

Annie is a mom of three (ages 19, 22, 24), writer, professor, and inveterate parentheses user. She received a PhD in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University. Over five years ago she moved with her family from Boston to Australia, where they discovered the joys of TimTam slams and the famous no worries, she'll be 'right attitude of life Down Under. When they returned to the states last year, she joined the faculty of a small liberal arts college as a professor of child and family development. You can also catch her writing (very infrequently) (see? parentheses abuse) on her own blog Basic Joy.

Sarah is a mom of four (ages 16, 20, 22, and 24), a native Texan, and a life-long admirer of George Eliot, Margaret Atwood, Indie music, and Hot Tamales. She is married to the ever understanding and patient S, who cheers on blogs, and graduate school, and messy closets. She is currently writing (and alternately banging her head against a very hard wall) a dissertation for a PhD in English Literature at Texas A&M University. She finds herself often conflicted between academic work and domestic endeavors, meaning she'd rather sift endlessy through Pinterest than make sage literary observations.  Her procrastinatory efforts can also be found at www.unhistoricacts.com