Launch lab: No sugar challenge

When Annie and I met up in Austin last Spring, we discussed Lab posts as a way to practically and tangibly try out new habits and practices that could enhance our lives and our homes. I loved Annie's initial Lab that emphasized saying intentional hellos and goodbyes to her kids and husband as they left and entered their house. It's an enjoyable practice.

Urban Harvest Farmers' Market. Houston, April 2014.

Urban Harvest Farmers' Market. Houston, April 2014.

What I'm proposing for our Lab for July is a no sugar challenge -- not nearly so enjoyable. I've actually debated back and forth over sharing this challenge via N&L because I don't want the no sugar challenge to be interpreted as a weight-loss or body image injunction. To be completely honest, I wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds. However, my desire to ditch sugar has more to do with the way I feel than the way I look. I work out almost every day. Some days I have boundless energy, and I'm raring to go. Other days I feel like my limbs are made of concrete and my mind is cloudy and sluggish. And mostly, those slow days are the culmination of what I like to call the EATING ODYSSEY, wherein I eat a bevy of sugar-laden foods. 

On Saturday I attended a nutrition workshop at the Crossfit Box where Sterling and I work out. Part of the instruction included issuing a no sugar challenge for the month of July. I'm up for it, but I work better in groups. Who's with me?

Your mission, should you choose to accept, prohibits sugar AND artificial sweeteners from July 1 - July 31st.

This means no sugar, honey, agave, Splenda, Truvia or ANY sweetener of ANY type whatsoever. This means no Diet Coke for me, which equals no afternoon trips to Sonic with the sun roof open and the radio blaring. Perhaps I'll just drive around aimlessly with a cup of water.

No chocolate (including dark chocolate).

No fruit flavored yogurt, flavored oatmeal, cereal, jam/jelly, Nutella, Nutri-grain bars, granola bars, soda, fruit juice, sports drinks, or milk. 

And it goes without saying -- no treats. No candy, cakes, ice cream, muffins, rice krispie treats, or gooey brownies with a thick layer of caramel. Essentially, no joy of any kind is allowed. Except health. Guys! Health is allowed!! 

If you want to join in, leave your name and e-mail in the comments. Then I'll send you some inspirational cheers throughout the month. And yes, I'm going to be totally embarrassed if I get zero comments on this post. So come on! Help a sister out.

It starts tomorrow. Off to eat ice cream.