Present participle-ing

Gratuitous summer watermelon pic.

Gratuitous summer watermelon pic.

I should always, always, always post the night before. When I wait to post in the morning, it's like I'm inviting disaster. This morning, for instance, I got a text from Parker at 7:55 AM, on my way home from Crossfit. It read, "I think Dad has another kidney stone." And sure enough, I returned home to one husband, pale as a sheet, more or less writhing about. So there's that.

Also, not to compare my dirty house with my husband's physical pain, but the house is a wreck.

Still, I'm thinking about things to accomplish this week. Here's what I've got so far:

Eating crockpot meals. I know crockpots conjure images of chilly Fall evenings, but I'm a summer crockpot gal myself. We are out and about during the day, and I can hardly bring myself to cook in the evenings. So loading up the crockpot in the mornings works for us. I made this chicken tortilla soup yesterday (except I added some chopped green and red bell pepper). It was really good (and healthy).

Reading Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. It was published in 1980 and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. My dissertation is about domestic novels (although the ones I'm working on are British), but I felt like I should have this under my belt. I also picked up The Quick by Lauren Owen when I was at the library last week. I like to try to read all of the neo-Victorian fiction I can.

Thanking my lucky stars that a kind church member sent me this picture of Jordan and her companion outside their French apartment.

Jordan Mont.jpg

Thinking about some issues within my religion. I especially loved Margaret Blair Young's take on some pressing women's issues. I took a class from her at BYU, and I really respect her thinking and writing.

Working: On getting my desk in order. I just can't keep up with paperwork during the summer.

Wondering if I should wallpaper my kitchen. Or stencil. Except I worry it might be too much visually for me. Typically, I'm more of a clean, spare spaces kind of person. I ordered this sample

Listening to a lot of Brendan James lately. Maddie ran into him on the street in Boston. She just walked up to him and said, "Are you Brendan James?" Then she went to his concert, and she saw him outside the venue. He said, "Hi Madison!" and gave her a hug. So, her summer is pretty much fulfilled. Becca is also making us listen to Sam Smith. I'm a fan.

Hoping I can stick to my no-sugar challenge. (JK -- I'm in for the long haul!)

That's it folks. Off to tend the sick husband.