For your laughing pleasure

I am trying to spend much of my "living with the bears" time this week deeply immersed in my dissertation study. It may come as some surprise, then, that I found it suddenly Very Important to go through and organize my computer. It was urgent. Trust me. No work could happen until the computer was thoroughly explored and diligently tidied. (My mom calls this productive neglect. I'm a champion productive neglecter. Ain't nobody got time for that!)

Along the way I unearthed an old bookmark folder of Things I Found Funny Once Upon A Time. Come time travel with me to enjoy some good old online laughs from the past few years:

1. A spoof of Ken Burns documentaries: The Vowels

2. A local horse herpes outbreak forced the Utah rodeo circuit to substitute the usual ponies with stick horses. Seriously. (I can't post the video clip here but please click over for a ridiculously awesome news story.)

3. An internet musical sensation, Web Site Story:

4. A favorite Aussie ad:

5. And, finally, the old classic Facebook in Real Life:

What are your favorite online laughs?