Book sourcing & matchmaking

library room designed by Tracey Garet  via

library room designed by Tracey Garet via

Where do you go when you're wondering what to read next? I really want to know! I'm probably thinking about this today because I recently read A Window Opens which features, as a detail in one of the plot lines, the idea of doing home parties/trunk shows where the hostess serves as matchmaker between books and client. Which isn't a bad idea, by the way...

Anyway, here are a few of my go-to sites to find my next book but I would love to add to my list! 

Blogs/social media:

  • A Design so Vast: Lindsey writes about life, parenting, & writing and, as an inveterate reader, frequently posts what she's reading, like this recent post of book suggestions for holiday giving. She's got great taste. (I think I first heard about All the Light You Cannot See from her.) 
  • Shelah Books It:  I love Shelah's book reviews--she gives an enjoyment rating and content description so you know what you're getting and she reads widely in many different genres. Plus she's one of those readers who seems to line up well with my taste and preferences. Definitely worth subscribing.
  • The Social Book Club: Instagram meets the old fashioned book club. Three friends teamed up to suggest, discuss, and post about a book a month. Even when I don't read along I enjoy following them on IG. 
  • I always pay attention to all the recommendations that surface when someone crowdsources book recommendations on Facebook or Instagram, too.  

Bookstores (extra points if you order/buy your books directly from these!)


What about you? Where do you go for your best book matchmaking? 

Edited to add these suggestions from readers in the comments: