A few good gems

On to the weekend! 

Norman Rockwell, via S mithsonian

Norman Rockwell, via Smithsonian

A round up of a few favorites from around the internet neighborhood:

I've been collecting a few patches lately and I got this one for Christmas this year in my stocking. I love it and I can't help thinking what four values/words of encouragement I would put on a patch tailored just for me--maybe enthusiasm, kindness, excellence and love? (Or, less aspirational but also realistically things to aim for daily: wake up, put on pants, laugh, take naps) These four are pretty perfect already, though:

patch via  Best Made Co.

patch via Best Made Co.

via  Frankie  

via Frankie 

Anonymous emotion sickness letters for the win

Hamiltines! (I think most of our family will forever think of Hamilton as our 2015 soundtrack. If you haven't yet caught the bug, prepare to fall hard!) 

via Casey Barber, available  here

via Casey Barber, available here

"What's the question you're putting to bed and what's the one that's just being born within you?" (Courtney Martin, On Being blog)

An old favorite: make stress your friend (love Kelly McGonigal's work)

The amazing, intricate work of globe making. Wow!

Glennon Melton on the best part of life: Sistering. "Find your sister joists and be a sister joist." (I also loved her recent post on three rules for surviving a creative life)

Finally, a hilarious note of advice to the mid-Atlantic states from the Bangor Maine police department. Stay safe out there, folks! 

Happy weekending! May it be full of things you love.