The Gems! They have returned!

The last hurrah with my byu girls.

The last hurrah with my byu girls.

Hi everyone! Sarah here -- and I've been itching to be back in this space. I've felt a strong desire (turned near desperation) to return to some genuinely creative pursuits. Sometimes I let myself get totally bogged down in the mundane-ness of my life, and I then I get VERY GRUMPY. But N&L cheers me up every time!

I told Annie I'd resurrect the 'gems' this week. If you are new to N&L, the gems are a set of fun links we publish on Fridays.

Ahhhh . . . the best laid plans.

Sterling and I spent Thursday night prepping for Hurricane Harvey. We braved the grocery store and waited in line to fill up our cars with gas. Then I made the phenomenal mistake of turning on The Weather Channel, where, within approximately seven minutes, I became convinced that the end of the world was nigh at hand. The Weather Channel, I have found, is literally dripping with rhetorics of disaster. And it makes sense. If it's not disastrous -- why would you continue watching the WEATHER???

But now it's Saturday and while disaster is still possible, I'm slightly calmer and feel capable of churning out some links for my favorite audience. You!

First off, if you are a lucky Texas resident (or interested in following Harvey), stop watching The Weather Channel immediately. Instead, point your browser towards Space City Weather -- it's "hype-free forecasts." Their writing style is clear, concise, and straight-forward. There are no headlines like "Houston: In the Crosshairs of Disaster" -- which was literally on the TWC's site when I woke up this morning.

Have you seen this article in the Washington Post?"The narrative we encounter again and again is that mothers are fragile creatures and that the only proper response to our empty nest is dread." This is a slightly different take on dropping your child off at college. I must admit I felt a bit scolded -- like it somehow weakened my position as an independent woman to mourn my children's leave-taking. Mostly, I think everyone (moms and dads) should feel what they feel. Don't tell me how to feel. I already have so many people who are the boss of me.

Do you love Letterfolk as much as I do? They are hiring headline writers (it's just a couple of hours a week). Check it out here.

Little Green Notebook is opening a store! I'm dreaming of a my-fave-people-store tour. Here's how it will go: Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, TX, then Pioneer Woman's Mercantile in Pawhuska, OK, then Juniper Studio in Mesa, AZ. Anyone want to come along?

I've tried my hand at a bit of watercolor over the past month, and it's really fun. I'm getting instruction from SkillShare -- which I really, really need. Working on Modern Watercolor Floral Three Ways right now. I'm on a two-month free trial, and I love it already.

Before I head back to Hurricane Harvey watch -- let me leave you with a happy thought: DONUTS! Have you seen all of the donut boards on Pinterest? For Madison's homecoming -- we (and by we, I mean not me) constructed our own version. More details to come.

IMG_4721 (1).JPG

That's it guys! I wouldn't mind a few prayers that all of the water stays OUTSIDE of my house. 

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