Giddy about the holidays

I'm plunging back in here at N&L. I'd like to promise I'm back for good -- but I don't want to jinx anything. Let's just say -- I'm tentatively touching my toe back into the proverbial blogging waters. 

One reason for my return? I'm so excited for the holidays, I could burst! I need somewhere to focus my holiday cheer and nervous energy. Holiday happiness in this empty-ish nest phase comes from the joy-fueled anticipation of being reunited with my girls. So, while I'm counting down the days until I see them, I can plan and dream and buy things online. Sounds good, no?

All the kiddos are coming home to Houston for Thanksgiving. I'm taking off work and am fully committing myself to lazy mornings, good food, midnight trips to Starbucks, middle-of-the-day movie watching, and hilarity. THEN, Sterling, Parker and I are heading to Utah for Christmas -- joining the girls in the mountains (for skiing!).

I'm determined to get my Christmas shopping done and shipped early this year. Here's what I've bookmarked on Etsy so far:

Docking station.jpg

This beauty is billed as a groomsman gift. I love it. No need for gender stereotypes here. Seriously.

wood pen holder.jpg

The industrial, clean aesthetic of these pen holders makes my organizing-loving heart swoon.

flannel blanket.jpg

This plaid blanket would be a great gift, but I'm thinking of ordering this to have on-hand for Thanksgiving. It's cozy and will make the pics so festive!

House Christmas Ornament 2.jpg

I LOVE these houses. They come with wreaths and trees for decorating, but I think I might go whites and neutrals this year.


No explanation needed. Order here.

What about you guys? Found any great gifts you can share? Or send? (Just kidding.) (Sort of.)

Annie -- you're up to bat!