Wedding Wednesday

photo via  swportraits

photo via swportraits

Annie and I, in all of our wedding excitement, have decided to institute a 'Wedding Wednesday' post for the next little bit as we share our our decisions, wants, needs, successes, and travails on the road to planning weddings for our eldest daughters. We both have all of the key players in place: venue, invites, caterer, florist, photographer, and so forth. For myself, I'm a little jittery about it all coming together day of. I'll let you know how that works out!

My first piece of advice? Use a google doc as a planner!

Jordan downloaded a pre-made, wedding planner template and then personalized it for her specific needs. It's been invaluable for gathering addresses and estimating numbers -- how many invites to order, how many people to feed, how big the venue should be. I probably didn't use the google doc quite as effectively as I could have, but the vision is to enter possible vendors (with websites and phone numbers) so everyone involved can have access to the pertinent information. Obviously, you can share the doc with as many people as you'd like.

Here's a list of wedding planner templates. We used the first one: "Wedding - All in One Wedding Planner." Jordan set up the particulars and named the document "Blush and Bashful," which, of course, made my Steel Magnolia heart so very happy.