I made a bed!

A few months ago I posted about our preparations for Thanksgiving week, which included moving out Parker's bunkbeds and fashioning a good old DIY bed frame. But I clean forgot to post any after pictures. And I'm just positive that some of you have been waiting with baited breath to see how this DIY bed turned out. Am I right?

I neglected to take any before photos, but here's one I snapped with my phone back in August when we were cleaning out PJ's drawers and closet in preparation for the new school year. Also, I offer this picture because I want to be authentic and show you how we really live. Yes, there is a parka and santa hat on the floor in August. In Texas. The end.

Out went the old (except for the carpet, which I would really, really like to see leave the premises) and in came the new. Behold.

We built the queen-sized bed frame for right around $50 -- just builder grade pine and stain and polyurethane (plans found here). Honestly, you really only need a drill, some clamps, and possibly a sander. Sterling cut our boards to length at home, but you could easily have Home Depot cut them for you. We opted not to build the headboard the same weekend because of time constraints, and I'm not certain I even want it. We will live with the platform bed for a while and see how we like it.

I started a small collection of Parker's race numbers. Next season we can continue to add on. Instant (and free) art. Holla!

Everything is fresh and clean and feeling much more age appropriate. One other note -- Parker had been asking for a Tempurpedic mattress for some time prior to the room redo. We settled on a more budget-friendly mattress (of the memory foam variety), and it's been a huge hit. We bought ours from a local mattress store, but they are available all over the Internet.