Doing all the things

We returned from our holiday trip in the early hours of January 6th -- our flight landed at 2 AM to be precise. On the return trip it was just the four of us -- me, the husband, Becca and Parker -- as we'd deposited the older two in their cozy (meaning crowded) college apartment while still in frigid Utah. 

It was a busy and exciting Fall/Winter for us. I think I'm a bit of an anticipation junkie, so with a trip to France and a ski trip and Thanksgiving! and Christmas!, I was all aglow with plans and schemes. But Monday, as we rushed back towards home in the darkness of night, I knew that it had all been done. We'd done all of the things. I waited for the hollowness to hit -- the disappointment that the fun and togetherness was over, but honestly -- I felt just fine, so I tromped my suitcase into the house, threw on some clean pajamas, climbed up into my big bed (spent the holiday on a queen), and zonked out. 

When I woke up I felt fine too. So, I watched Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife while carefully packing away the Christmas ornaments. I bought fish for dinner in an attempt to counteract the past ten days of eating out (cuz that usually works for me). I trudged all of the luggage and snow boots and ski helmets up to the attic. And I played 27 rounds of Trivia Crack (anyone want to play?).

I'm not sure if or when the January doldrums are going to hit, but I'm doing my best to stave them off, and I'm thinking a worthwhile 2015 goal will help out. I like to go for one big goal -- just one thing to improve upon because I'm easily distracted (Netflix, duh). In 2014 I was bound and determined to get fit. I'm no real athlete (by any stretch of the imagination), but I did workout 4-5 days a week for the ENTIRE YEAR. I made exercise a habit, and I almost like it now. Not quite, but almost. This year -- in 2015 -- I'm finishing my dissertation. My goal is to work on it 5 days a week, a minimum of two hours per day. No excuses. I've printed this worksheet to help me out (and because it seems like an adult sticker chart, which I love).

Mostly, my goal is simply to be a hard worker -- no wasting time, no procrastination. I recognize that this will be a process, not an automatic change of self and bad habits. I'm aiming for day by day improvement (perhaps sprinkled in with a few setbacks). But overall, I'm feeling positive that I can finish this old dissertation. After which I will celebrate like it's 1999. 

Hope your new year is filled with hope and positive vibes. Let's proceed together, shall we?