The Boys Outback

Last week Sam and G embarked on a four day backpacking trip to explore the highest places in Australia. They had planned and looked forward to it for weeks--packed and marked maps and made lists and shopped and gear checked and off they went. (And yet even as I snapped this picture and waved goodbye, visions of lost campers and injured hikers danced in my worried head. Imagination is so fun!)

Once they were in the Snowy Mountains they faced a day or two of 70 kph winds so had to revise their journey plans midway (hooray for flexipositivity). But they had a terrific trip and ended up summiting five of the tallest peaks on the continent. They would be quick to add that the mountains are all grouped together and admittedly on the small side compared to other continental giants. But still. I was home working in my comfy clothes (and, yes okay, sometimes binge watching Scott & Bailey) so I'm duly impressed.

Sam made a video of the short clips he filmed throughout the trip. I think I've replayed it ten times--it makes me happy and a bit mama verklempt. It's like that father and son time traveling scene on the beach in About Time--these are the moments they will remember and mentally time-travel. Also? What a spectacularly gorgeous place this planet is:

Slightly related note: don't you love this Apple ad? I love seeing the world through their eyes.