Special time (or, why I went to a water park)

[Note on the sugar challenge: I've gone two days without Diet Coke. I feel like I should get a trophy.]

Day one. Friends over to swim.

Day one. Friends over to swim.

The first month of summer for us has been demarcated by comings and goings. There have been camps and weekends away and some traveling, all of which has continuously changed up the roster of who is at home. Last week it was just me, Sterling and  Becca. This week it's just me, Sterling and Parker. The kids have taken to calling these moments without their siblings as "my special time." As in, "What are we going to do today? Remember, it's my 'special time.'"

The funny thing is that I have never instituted, nor have we ever discussed "special time." But in the interest of my people feeling special, I somehow feel compelled to produce some "special-ness." I really do hate to disappoint.

Last week, for Becca's "special time," she wanted to go out to lunch (every day). This is bad for my waistline. I tried to interest her in food at home, food sitting ready in our refrigerator -- but for some reason that food wasn't "special." And the bummer about knowing that you have precious little time before your child flies off into adulthood is that you are more cognizant and respectful of "special time." So, I ignored my waistline and took that girl out to lunch. Also, she deemed shopping part of "special time." I may need a loan.

I'll just go ahead and admit that Parker's "special time" is easier. He's pretty darn happy with a friend sleeping over and a trip for donuts in the morning. However, yesterday found me at the water park for "special time." Guys, I could do an entire blog post about why I detest water parks. There is nakedness, including my own. There are people. And it's hot. But in the interest of "special time," I, Sarah Brenner Jones, am the proud owner of a season pass.

Somebody hold me.