Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

Yesterday Annie posted a picture on instagram of her son painting an apple -- like a still life. And he was doing a pretty bang-up job. Meanwhile, my son had been watching Netflix for something like 27 hours straight, and so I felt like maybe . . . I  . . . should . . . turn . . . off . . . the  . . . television.

Does anyone else think it's harder to conjure up your fun-summer mojo by child number four? When I had four kids at home, I think I scheduled more productive days primarily out of self-preservation. So the kids would stop swinging from the chandeliers and randomly distributing cracker crumbs in messy piles around the house. But now, when Becca is at her SAT prep class, it's easy to just let Parker watch some Netflix while I work.

Except Annie went and posted that apple and ruined it for me.

Not really  (sorry Annie!). Mostly, my mommy guilt is ruining it for me. 

Here's a fun idea! Not much effort. Not many supplies. Listen to some music and start zentange-ing. See the instructions here