A few good gems

Good morning Friday! This week has passed so quickly -- what with tending my ailing husband and all. We don't really have any weekend plans, which sounds absolutely fabulous to my weary bones. I think some sleeping-in is called for AND some organizing. I'm feeling the pull to get my house in order. Sometimes enough is enough when it comes to clutter and half-finished projects ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE. Also, there will be weed pulling. Blech.

Meanwhile, relax, have a Diet Coke for me (since I can't), and enjoy the bounteous offerings of ye olde Internet.

Read this!!! "A Call to Womanhood: The Outrageously Outraged" by Meg in Progress. Ladies, we need an action plan with this one. I feel like I've been on both sides of this situation -- and neither of them felt good. 

Ann Cannon's "Having a body talk with 'My Teenage Self'" is a much needed call to enjoy our physical bodies in all of their imperfections. (Except she says it better and makes it more interesting.)

I'm seriously considering making some pet pop art. It's sorta cool and our dog really is awesome.

Do you know what mansplaining is? I didn't, but it describes a phenomenon I'm all too familiar with. It's actually when a man speaks to a woman with the understanding that he knows more about a particular topic BECASUE of her gender. Like that one time, when I was in an academic discussion, and I gave an impassioned defense of my argument, and a male professor blurted out "My! Isn't she fiesty!" Something like that! Ugh! Read about it here

"Nine Simple Things You Can Do to Be a Happier, Healthier Person" Yes. All of these please.

I do enjoy this Fireworks Wall Stencil as featured on Little Green Notebook. I have wall coverings on the brain.

Books to read when you are stressed. David Sedaris shared this list on Facebook. But then I realized that's because his book is top o' the list. Gotta love David.

I'm off for a few hours of work before the weekend. Wish me luck!!