Vacation surprise


Once upon a time (yesterday), we were on a winter family holiday to the Sunshine Coast. It was sunny, beautiful, but brisk weather so we decided to explore a bit. We consulted a map and planned out a scenic hike through a national park to a remote, secluded beach for a picnic, hoping to see koalas and other local wildlife along the way. It was gorgeous and we talked our way through the hilly tropical forest to, eventually, the beach. There was a wetsuited surfing family down the beach and we walked a bit further, nestled ourselves in the sand, and got out our sandwiches. 

As we lunched, we soaked up the sun and enjoyed the gorgeous scene. Further down the beach, we noticed an old guy heading to the water. He was very tan. At precisely the same moment we all realized every inch of him was tan. Every naked inch. Looking around we realized we had navigated ourselves to a clothing-optional beach. Whoops. Surprise!

(Local wildlife, check.)