A few good gems

Typically, summer weekends aren't such a big deal to me -- since every day is sort of like a weekend. But this summer everyone in our family has early morning exercise commitments, so we all look forward to finally lazing around in our pjs come Saturday morning. This weekend Sterling and Parker are headed to scout camp, so the girls will be ruling the roost. It's going to be all salads and pedicures and Jane Austen movies up in here. Booyah! Along with a few Interweb gems, I'm leaving you with this wise sentiment . . .

This is our mantra for cross country running and Crossfitting. It never does get easy because once you improve, the bar automatically rises. Still, we can get better. Even if (for me) it's the slowest process in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Let's move on. Seriously.

Last night I made this homemade naan for dinner. I also baked some chicken (with olive oil and lemon) and we filled the naan with hummus, shredded chicken, small yellow tomatoes cut in half, greens, goat cheese, and a drizzle of honey. So, so good.


I really don't need to take on any more projects. Still, these simple quilts speak to me. 

Thinking of doing something like this for my living room (which is freshly painted but otherwise a wreck).

I know that many of our readers are Mormon, and even if you are not --  it is likely you've heard of some recent unrest regarding charges of apostasy for two high-profile members. Personally, I'm extremely saddened by the entire situation. I thought this podcast with Ally Isom, Senior Manager of Public Affairs for the church, was really interesting.

Now that summer is here, Parker has jumped back into Minecraft with both feet. A neighbor kid comes over, and the two of them 'mine' and 'craft' for hours. This article in The Atlantic discusses why the game is so appealing -- an explanation I desperately needed since I just do. not. get. it. 

Sometimes the geeky part of me likes stories like these, where long-held historical beliefs are completely obliterated. Also, it's summer and I need geeky things to show my children.

I've enjoyed reading this blog as of late. The family sold their California home and most of their belongings and moved to the Hemlock Inn in North Carolina (for a year) -- a place where the mom spent her childhood summers. I so want to do something big and crazy like that. Becca is not on board for big and crazy, but Parker seems decidedly optimistic.

Okay. I'm out. Happy weekending!