Spicing it up

One of the things we'd like to discuss on N&L is marital relationships after kids leave the house. Without the time constraints of sports and music lessons and orthodontist appointments and school EVERYTHING (plus the time I spend nagging), its seems like we might just come untethered from the earth and go floating . . . somewhere. I'd prefer it to be some place like Paris or Milan or hey, Maine would be cool. But even now, as our kids march out of our home one by one, Paris takes a back seat to college tuition and all of that expensive grown up stuff. Which means at the present, I'm just ruminating on what I want my life and marriage to look like once all the chickadees have flown the coop. 

When this commercial came on the television a few nights ago, I almost fell out of my chair. 

You know, just a little something to brighten your Thursday.