Taking care

Discovery Green, Houston

Discovery Green, Houston

Last week Annie posted about going to the movies (ALONE, during the DAY ) as a means of recharging -- a time of "assigned play." Even though this isn't my particular habit, I so identify with the reset feeling that a good movie experience can produce. In the midst of a good movie, or play, or concert I feel like I have a broader perspective. I feel more creative. I feel more ME.

And then a day later, I read A Blog About Love's practices for taking care of herself. Guys, she cleans and meditates and listens to music! And she eats healthy. (Just kill me now.) All of this to take care of herself -- her health, her mental and emotional state, her spiritual well-building. 

Both of those posts got me thinking about how I care for myself, a practice that often begins and ends with a pint of Blue Bell, a book, and my comfy bed. No doubt, the reading is balm to my soul. The ice cream and bed? While they are pleasurable and relaxing, I can hardly chalk them up to self-care.

One of the great advantages of my kids getting older is that I do feel I have more time to take care of myself. I'm always working on eating better. The less sugar I eat, the better I feel. That's a lesson I teach myself approximately every other month.  

When Parker was in about third grade our district discontinued buses in our neighborhood. Sterling would bike with Parker to school in the morning, and I would bike up in the afternoon to pick him up. This meant that right in the middle of a busy afternoon I had to put everything down, climb on my bike, and ride a mile to the school and a mile back. Surprisingly, I found that being outside and moving my body a bit totally perked up my day -- a shocker for this self-proclaimed indoor girl! Since then I try to get outside everyday -- a morning run, an evening walk, half an hour outside reading my e-mail. It really makes a difference.

What do you do to take care of yourself? Any ideas?