New addiction

Okay, friends, have you or your kids tried the game GeoGuessr? (And if so, why were you holding out on me?!)

Fair warning: If you're not in the market for a new, time-sucking electronic addiction, you might not want to click over right now. On the other hand, it is fairly educational. And it appeals to the armchair-traveler-slash-amateur-detective in each of us. 

Basically, the game presents a Google Earth snapshot. It's like you've been plunked down somewhere on the planet earth with only whatever clues are in the photo to figure out where you are. You can follow the arrows on down the road, twirl around 360', zoom in and out (license plates are blurred out). Then you make an educated guess on the map where this spot is and you get points depending on how close you come.

Okay, I can tell I'm not capturing the essence of it here but trust me. It's a worthy time-waster.

The best part is that it's a blast to play along with your kids or family as you narrow down the location, make predictions, and take a virtual trip around the globe. (I apologize, my dear adopted Australia, for thinking you were South Africa. It was the desert-y village with cars driving on the left side of the road that did me in.)

GeoGuessr did not pay me for my gushing, nor do they know who I am. I'm just a fangirl and feel compelled to pass it along.