A few good gems

Hello and happy summer to you! I've been enjoying a verrrry gentle and restorative May and June after the mad dash to the end of the school year. We made it through another high-mileage semester, commuting back and forth between our respective jobs. The up side to all that intermittent separation is that we are delighted to be together full time now--well, as full time as we get, with G's work travel. 

He actually just returned from an overseas trip this morning so this weekend we're planning on some good long city walks, teaching Sunday School to our class of 17- and 18-year-olds, and checking out the Black Out: Silhouette exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. I highly suspect it will further fuel my obsession with collecting little pieces of vintage silhouette art. Or, better yet, getting out some scissors and black paper myself...

First, a few good gems for your weekend:

  • Did you HEAR? There's a Freaks and Geeks documentary coming soon to a television near you!! Monday, July 16th on A & E.
Photo: Chris Haston/Getty Images

Photo: Chris Haston/Getty Images

  • NY Times obituary writer Margalit Fox says goodbye today and I loved what she had to say about finding her path, writing about others' paths, and coming up with her own epitaph. (Thanks, Maddy, for sending me this)
  • I'm deskless here in our little one-bedroom condo in DC, which is fine, but this window-mounted standing desk has me rethinking the situation!
  • Recently I followed a delightful rabbit hole through the comments of this Cup of Jo post: What's the Most Beautiful Thing You've Read? The post itself is three years old and readers have come back and posted their favorite lines of poetry and literature. Clear your schedule if you click over and start to read! There are some beautiful gems there. 
  • Isn't this a gorgeous dress? I tracked it down to Johanna Ortiz in Russian Vogue.  Next step: either figure out how to purchase it or how to make one of my own--I'm not sure which one is more likely/possible, ha!
  • Do yourself a favor and go see the Mister Rogers documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor, stat! It's no secret that I love Fred Rogers--and in large part my career was influenced by him. Even if you're not a certified Mr Rogers fan, it's a good, hope-filled film. Exhibit A: G and Maddy both liked it when I invited (dragged?) them with me.  And, listen: I like you just the way you are. 

Okay, friends. Happy weekending! It feels good to reconnect with you here after a bit of a break.