A few good gems

image via  unsplash

image via unsplash

I think most of the Internet is looking longingly to Spring. As for me, I rather enjoy these dark days of winter. Perhaps this is because Houston only has a sprinkling of dark days interspersed with blasts of warmth and light. But I think the reason I love February is because there is still an element of hibernation, of layers and comfort foods and slow evenings. When I get home from work each evening, I huddle on the couch under a blanket -- sometimes with my laptop and sometimes with just the tv remote clutched in my chilly hand. And I feel okay about these non-productive times. Spring is coming. There will be time to run as fast as I can.

Last weekend was nonstop appointments and meetings and guests for dinner. So, this weekend I'm planning a whole lot of NOTHING. I might bake something. I might lay in bed Saturday morning until I'm bored with my phone AND my tv (can that even happen?). I might venture out to a souffle restaurant I'm following on Instagram. The world is my lazy oyster really.

For those of you wanting to join me in my cozy lethargy, here are a few good gems to while away your day:

  • I LOVED this blog post on finding your voice as a women (and what men must do to help). This is written from a Mormon point of view, but it applies to women in a variety of patriarchal situations: “When people in the dominant group tell non-dominant groups they need to ‘step up’, it continues to lay the workload on marginalized groups.” 

Okay guys, I'm off. I've been trying a 5 AM Crossfit class this week. I sort of like it, but I'm not sure I can ever fully get behind a wake up time in the the 4 AM range. It's just wrong. On so many levels. Have a great weekend! Eat lots o'carbs!