A few good gems

Happy, happy Friday! I'm in Utah this weekend on an annual friends' trip with some lovely ladies I met long ago when our children were very small. I think this is our eighth year to meet up (maybe ninth?), and it's always a restorative (if not entirely restful) time to connect with great women and hear about their lives. We mostly talk and eat the entire time. It's heavenly.

But while I'm friending, I wanted you to have a few good gems for your weekend reading . . .

  • I found this article on how to achieve more with less super interesting. Plus, the author is faculty at my new workplace. Perhaps I'll stalk him. (Note to human resources: just kidding!)
  • My next Smitten Kitchen cooking adventure: Broken Pasta with Pork Ragu.
image via  smittenkitchen

image via smittenkitchen

  • And while I'm Smitten Kitchening, I made these Bake Sale Winning-est Gooey Oat Bars last weekend. They are fab. The recipe is actually in her new cookbook, but it's also at the end of this post (for your baking pleasure).
  • I'm ready to buy a smart speaker. This article makes me think the Apple HomePod isn't the way to go. Any advice?
  • I love pegboards. Once upon a time I tried to talk Sterling into a pegboard business. That was a no-go. But look what's on Etsy
image via  littleanana

image via littleanana

Okay folks! Here's to stretching out the weekend and bulking up on carbs!! See you next week!