A few good gems

For those of you just joining us, our Friday posts involve a round-up of fun/interesting/timely links. It's our very own this-week's-best-of-the-Internet award program. 

Before I sign off for some weekend revelry (by which I mean Netflix and tacos), let me just stand before you and say, "I took down my Christmas decorations." Mic drop. Now I'm enjoying my yearly bout of I-must-redecorate-my-entire-house-or-I-will-die. Hmmmm. Someone should probably get a job. Not pointing any fingers mind you.

But surfing the web is free. So . . . CHEERS.

  • My friend Becky texted me about these long distance touch lamps, and now I'm certain our family needs them. Each person in your group has their own color. When you touch the lamp, everyone's lamp turns your color. It's like new age group texting -- but more soothing. 
  • If you're a Gen Xer like me, there's a decent chance your childhood hero is Judy Blume. So, HECK YES, I'll be signing up for her masterclass.
  • My oldest, Jordan, got me hooked on this cross stitching app over the holidays. Let me just warn you that I've found it highly addictive -- so much so, that I've had to restrict my cross stitch time to evenings just before bed. I can't really explain the allure, since you are literally just touching squares. But it's seriously relaxing.
  • I'm loving the art of Mateja Kovac. Her work is composed entirely in Photoshop (Really? How?) I'm hoping she reopens her Etsy shop soon.

That's it guys. We made it to Friday. And we all know that carbs don't count on weekends and that's super lucky for us.