Grad gifts

Guys! It's April! And graduation is just around the corner. Last week we dropped off Becca's prom dress at the tailor's for a few alterations. We are working on graduation announcements and thinking about graduation parties. (Yes, all in the middle of planning a wedding!) Becca and I have been talking about grad gifts for her friends, and Etsy is my all-time favorite place to shop for the high school senior. So, I did a little surfing (procrastinating) around Etsy to help you guys out. I'm super giving like that. Here's what I found:

These laundry bags are perfect for dorm life. Plus, they are monogrammed, which utterly fulfills me.

This necklace speaks to me.

image via  MinMac

image via MinMac

Or this one . . .

image via  AnniePants

image via AnniePants

I'm desperately searching for boy gifts. And I think these blankets fit the bill. Maybe some navy lettering. A block font. You get the idea.

image via  HollysPinkBarn

image via HollysPinkBarn

Okay, or maybe this manly travel bag.

image via  HollysPinkBarn

image via HollysPinkBarn

And my all time favorite grad gift for those students headed out of state . . .

image via  TheHomeT

image via TheHomeT