A few good gems

image via  unsplash.com

image via unsplash.com

Happy Friday all ye in Internet-land! Does it seem like the weeks are moving more and more quickly? Or is that just me? Annie and I have lots of new content percolating as we plan weddings, and graduations, and generally attempt to navigate these middle years without losing our sanity -- don't worry, when we do lose it, it's only temporarily misplaced. This weekend I'm meeting with the florist, mapping out the set-up of the reception venue, and attending a baptism for my little niece. Sounds fun and cheery. Now, if it would only stop raining.

I'm off. Here, for your weekend enjoyment, are Friday's gems:

These marble and wood cheese boards are bee-utiful! It seems like sourcing the materials might be tricky, but the assembly looks fairly straight-forward. And the end product is fabulous.

image via  Coco & Kelley

image via Coco & Kelley

"What Women Find in Friends That They May Not Get From Love" - "Female friendship has been the bedrock of women's lives for as long as their have been women." Often, after time spent with my female friends, Sterling will ask, "What on earth do you guys have to talk about for so long?" "Ah, I tell him, that is a secret best kept amongst women." 

image via  CZ Design

image via CZ Design

I'm fairly obsessed with these old school letter boards by Letterfolk. Their instagram feed is super entertaining (search Letterfolkco). I'm angling for The Writer for my upcoming birthday. And . . . the incredible Cathy Zielske turns 50! Happy Birthday Cathy!

This collection of essays from prominent journalists and authors is a great read when you only have a few minutes -- like waiting for a doctor's appointment or standing in line at the DMV. I have it bookmarked on my phone, and it's been a sanity-saver more than a few times. Do you guys read Zadie Smith??

I want a corner gallery wall!

image via  A Beautiful Mess

I recently downloaded this brush lettering guide and tutorial. It's actually a pretty fun, soothing project -- get out your brushes and watercolors and turn on some Simon and Garfunkel. Also, it's a super fun way to procrastinate. Win/win!

With two of my kids away from home, these modern Easter basket alternatives are good, shipping-friendly alternatives. Plus, they are shiny!