My latest movie fix

It was one of those staying-in weekend nights and I was doing a Goldilocks-like search for something to watch, not too this, not too that--something new-to-me and a little different than the seasonal blockbusters and reruns--when I chanced upon a movie I think you might like: Before We Go.  Jake (a very likeable Chris Evans, who also directed the film) is a trumpet player playing in Grand Central Station at closing when Brooke (Alice Eve) dashes past him, dropping her phone. She has missed her train home to Boston and has lost her purse (these are all part of the set up details in the first few minutes) but she desperately needs to get home by 7 a.m. The movie follows the two characters through a night in NYC trying to get her back in Boston in time.

If I had to compare it to other films, I'd say it's kind of like Once or Begin Again (that kind of love story) + a little Before Sunrise (two new acquaintances walking around a city at night) + a dash of Roman Holiday (I don't know, it's just a sweet movie about two people roaming around a city) + a splash of Lost in Translation (it has that kind of sleepy insomnia middle of the night feel).  How's that for an odd and sundry list of movie ingredients?! 

I'm going to guess that this is one of those films that I like better than the critics will. Does it break new ground? No. Do you have to suspend belief a little with the plot? Sure. But I liked it--a lot. It's a different kind of love story and it's smart, lovely, funny, sweet. Maybe I just like sweet, relationshippy movies; if that's not your cup of tea, you might not like this one. But so far three generations in my family (me, my parents, my three kids and Greg) have seen it and genuinely liked it. So there you go.

Rated PG13 (I'd say this is right; I'm suggesting this as a movie for YOU but older teens will "get it" more than younger ones--there's some language and some discussions about fidelity/infidelity and other relationship talk).

It's available On Demand now so if you like to be an early adopter, you can download the movie NOW via iTunes  and others (though I have US iTunes so I'm not sure if it's available in other countries, sorry!)  Otherwise, it comes out in early September in the US and other places or put it on your list for your someday Netflix enjoyment. 

In the last couple of months I've also really liked Far from the Madding Crowd (I know, not a big surprise--I do love me a good period drama)  Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (not for your young ones, though, I don't think), Inside Out (of course), and Tracks

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Now it's your turn. What movies have you loved lately?