A few good gems

Happy (early) weekend! Today is the last day of the school year for us in Australia (at least at Sam's school--some kids have another week or so) so we're getting ready to attend the closing awards/concert tonight. ANNNND this weekend my brother Chris arrives for some Australian adventuring here. Can't wait!

Pierre Bonnard, l'armoire blanche, 1931

Pierre Bonnard, l'armoire blanche, 1931

10 things your kids need to be able to do on their own by middle school. So interesting!

Emily McDowell's new line of empathy cards just hits the mark. I love these.

Sam always anticipates DJ Earworm's cool annual mashup of the year's pop songs. Here's this years (I can't link to just the audio so just be aware that the music video clips are included--not always my fave images). 

What a fantastic, beautiful cheese & fruit tray--perfect for holiday hosting:

I love these cartoons that Korean artist Puuung created that capture what real love looks like--"love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork."

7 things to say after your teen submits a college application. These are great for framing the process and helping everyone move on with the year.

I love these little paper houses--such a great idea for a re-usable advent calendar that is delightful and decorative on its own. (Let's just agree that it's not too late to do these--even though it's the 4th of the month--still time to catch up OR do 12 days of Christmas, right? Right?!)

I posted these next two to our Facebook page this week but just in case you missed them:

Mary Louise Parker's letter to the future man who loves her daughter (an excerpt from her new book, which is in my pile waiting to be read) just nails all those feelings and hopes.

Glennon Melton's letter to her child's teacher is a great example of what to do when your kids get in trouble

Off to the weekend--wishing you some rewarding family time in the middle of the holiday (sometimes) craziness. And happy first day of Hanukkah on Sunday! See you back here next week.