This Saturday my two oldest girls are coming home for Thanksgiving!! Their impending arrival sure makes the holiday exciting and something we look forward to all year. We've already been mapping out our week -- all the restaurants we want to visit, seeing Dickens' A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theater, and our annual Thanksgiving Day Segway ride. It is in this, the Segway ride, that we like to differentiate ourselves as the quintessential nerd family. Just imagine us . . . all in a row . . . with helmets strapped tightly around our chins . . .

Just between you and me? One of the daughters is bringing home a boyfriend to MEET THE FAMILY. This situation promotes an interesting dynamic, namely that we want the boyfriend to feel welcome and to NOT think we are CRAZY. Doubtless, we will be watching him closely to make sure he is good enough for our precious-princess-baby-girl. And, likewise, I suspect he will be surveying our family culture and his potential spot within the family o' nerds. Heavens, if young adult parenting doesn't make for some dramatic introductions!

This week I'm readying the nest for all of my little chicks (+1). This includes a long-planned re-do of Parker's room -- replacing his bunk beds and repainting and reorganizing. We will be offering Parker's room to the boyfriend for his stay, so this is a nice, self-imposed deadline. I need deadlines desperately, because . . . you know . . . Netflix.

The room was freshly painted last week. And this weekend the husband and I collaborated on a queen-sized bed frame. And by collaborated, I mean I made him a sandwich and he let me use the nail gun. We settled on a Pottery Barn Teen inspired platform bed that I originally spotted on Shanty2Chic. The plans are at

image via  Shanty2Chic

image via Shanty2Chic

Here's what I've got so far:

PJbed web.jpg

Today I'm filling the screw and nail holes and sanding. This evening Sterling will attach the feet. And at some point I will have the distinct privilege of going to Ikea for some bedding, which I imagine to be woodsy yet sophisticated, manly yet hipster.

I so enjoy these periods of preparation and anticipation. I try my hardest to make our home a place of refuge and happiness that our kids will want to return to again and again. And while, certainly, a platform bed is not entirely necessary to that project, I am aiming for order and peace, warmth and acceptance. Somehow, cozy spaces make the holidays . . . well, more cozy.

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