A few good gems

Welcome to the weekend. Mother's Day is on the horizon, so I'm hoping our female readers have breakfast in bed, lovely flowers, and a lazy afternoon in their near future. Annie and I are freaking out because Mother's Day is one of ONLY two days in the ENTIRE YEAR that LDS missionaries are allowed to call home. Yep, we'll be skyping with our baby girls -- best gift ever. I'm going to go plan my outfit and test my computer's microphone (50 times). You guys enjoy the best o' the Internet:

Everyone in my family loves a Snickers bar. I'm definitely thinking this brownie is sugar-worthy.

Read this moving essay about how a son learns to love his father. (Tissues may be required.)

Have you read Rob Lowe's account of dropping his son off at college? First off, Rob Lowe (whom I've loved through The West Wing and Brothers and Sisters) can write. Dang Rob. I think he hits the nail square on the head when he describes his wife setting up the dorm room: "Sheryl’s immaculate and detailed reno­vation is an OCD and maternal-love-fueled epic poem of logistics and labor."  Also, when his son worries that his fellow students don't "look" scared, Rob wisely quips, “Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.” And one final note: How could you NOT be a sensation on campus WITH ROB LOWE WALKING YOU AROUND????

Kelly Corrigan cheers on mothers.

I've never really been on board with the outrage over the every-child-gets-a-trophy practice. Even when my kids get a 'participation' medal, they know the real score. This article in The New York Times says there is no evidence to support the idea that miserable experiences prepare kids for this miserable world.  Here's a taste for you: "Children ought never to receive something desirable -- a sum of money, a trophy, a commendation -- unless they've done enough to merit it. They shouldn't even be allowed to feel good about themselves without being able to point to tangible accomplishments."

I applaud this collection of homemade Mother's Day gifts. I do wonder, however, if any dads read these types of blogs.

I love house plants, but I do have an exceptional ability to kill them. Here's a great (and beautiful) guide for placement and watering.

That's it my friends. I'm heading towards the weekend. See you on the flip side!