A few good gems

Happy Friday everyone! I'm a little late today because I'm suffering from a serious case of end-of-year-itis. I need a little break from the routine -- after which I'll be whining that I need MORE routine. I can't be pleased (unless I'm on vacation, in which case I'm entirely pleased). I'm also excited for a three day weekend. Three whole days! Let the sleeping in commence!

Oh, also . . . the gems:

image via  LikesofUs

image via LikesofUs

Alecia from Likes of Us built this hip, colorful bench from the Ikea Sigurd bench. I love it -- seems like a perfect Memorial Day project.

Have you guys seen 12HRS? It's a website that features 12 hour itineraries for some of the world's most famous cities -- all carefully curated to interest the foodie, the designer, and those seeking the road less traveled. 

Flynn McGarry. He's incredibly cool, and at only 15 he is already a celebrated American chef. He has his own dinner club that he hosts at his parents' house (at $160 a head!). Check out this NYT article and watch the video. He's pretty darn charming.

I'm thinking of some modern stenciling to jazz up some of my new white walls. Any advice? I like this one, and this, and possibly this.

My computer desktop is a wreck. This desktop looks beautiful. And soothing. I might devote a smidgeon of my Memorial Day to this tutorial.

image via  s  ugarandcloth

image via sugarandcloth

Also, THIS summer throw. I'm making it!

That's it guys. Looks like I'll be doing some creating this weekend. Hope yours is filled with popsicles and watermelon and late, late mornings.