White paint for the win

via VintageRevivals

via VintageRevivals

As Annie introduced on Monday, our new editorial calendar includes Tuesday and Thursday posts with a focus on food, design, books, movies, research, and gatherings. Essentially, these are items of interest to us as they weave in and out of this current stage of our lives. And --  sometimes we just want to show you some cool STUFF.

Man, being your own boss is great. {Can you call yourself a boss if you don't get paid?} 

Anyway, I've got house design on the brain because I'm itching to repaint my downstairs. Right now it's a tannish/greenish sort of color with some accent walls. Also, the accent walls in the dining room (which are orangish) make it look like a Mexican restaurant. But THAT'S another story for another day. Ole!

I've been scouring ye olde Internet for paint colors. And what do you think I've found?


Yep, and I'm all over it.

Here's some of my favorite design blogs and their white paint choices:

  • Vintage Revivals. I love everything this girl does. She has a hip mid century vibe with a kind of boho chic element thrown in for good measure. I've been studying her rooms very carefully because I fear I am way too uptight to naturally invoke boho chic. Her newest room reveal is here, and in this post she shares her favorite paint color: Sherwin Williams Ultra White Base with 4 oz of pigment added. You should also check out this room, and this room, and really, all of them. Also, I'm thinking of doing this pinwheel art (in different colors) for above my fireplace. What think ye?
  • Emily Henderson. Do you remember her from Design Star? Cuz she won!! Anyway, come to think of it . . . she's also got a mid century vibe with a healthy dose of boho chic weirdness. It totally works for me. You've probably seen this living room makeover. I've seen it on Pinterest no less than 11,000 times. And really, it is that good. She's currently renovating her own Californian home and painting the whole thing Benjamin Moore Super White. You can see updates on her reno here.
  • Design Mom. She's painting her new Oakland home Sherwin Williams Origami White. Readers are still waiting on room reveals, but you can see her entry here. And the story of their neat-o treehouse here.

And, as a design-y side note, check out these mid-century chairs I got off of Craigslist last week. I just need to find some fabric for new cushions. We're expecting Don Draper for drinks at eight.

I just tossed (not literally) those chairs in the back of the kitchen for now. But, as you can see, those green drapes are also going to have to go. I'm thinking white linen with a black band at the bottom. What are your favorite design blogs? Help a girl out. . .