A few good gems

Hello, weekend! We haven't dyed Easter eggs yet, mostly because I haven't found any white eggs in grocery stores here (Aussies, help me out--do we have white ones here?). But this is a terrific Plan B, using non-toxic white paint pens on brown eggs:

photo via  Kaley Ann

photo via Kaley Ann

I love the idea of an invisible bike helmet! Hats off (helmets off?) to the two women entrepreneur/design students who came up with the concept. I liked this: "if people say it's impossible we have to prove them wrong." 

A new study suggests that perhaps babies cry at night to delay the conception of a second sibling too soon (not consciously but it's built into their systems). Fascinating thought. 

The New Yorker posted this hilarious spoof sample test for the new, improved SAT (the back story is that the SAT has announced that they are changing the vocabulary questions so they replace "obscure" words with "high utility" words.

I have to be a proud relative for a moment (sorry, nepotism alert!) and share my cousin Colin's new song release, Give It Time. (He's half of the duo June Cat). You can get the free download here. So good! 

Sometimes when I look at famous people's (authors, artists, etc.) routines and schedules, I am both fascinated and puzzled. It doesn't look much like my day( --then again I'm not famous)! I read Anna Leahy's post Brilliant People's Schedules and the Real Story for Women Writers and nodded. That's more like it! 

I found a winner when I ordered this chino skirt from Boden. Great colors and silhouette, flat front, pockets, perfect length and flattering fit. One in every color, please! Let's just call it my uniform and be done with it. I'm heading into fall so I can picture it looking great with boots but it's a great piece for spring/summer, too. Also, I love this gingham dress and will probably be sporting the grey version of it this weekend for Easter. (p.s. These shoes are dreamy!)

Last minute Easter placeholders via A Beautiful Mess. Peeps! Brilliant.

Speaking of peeps,  don't miss this year's winners of the annual Washington Post peeps diorama contest. It's a yearly favorite around our house. Everyone Peeps made us laugh out loud. If the contest is new to you, be sure to look back through past years. Wow, the creativity of some peeps!

May you have a lovely weekend wherever you are! See you back here on Monday.