A few good gems

Friday greetings!! This has been an exceptionally cold week in Houston, and while the temps don't seem to be rising, I'm looking forward to burying into my warm covers on Saturday morning. With soup. And hot chocolate. And yes, I'm a messy eater.

Moving on . . . Despite my Valentine link party on Wednesday, I've managed to scare up a few more good gems since the Internet is chock-full of fascinating tidbits that take me away from academic writing. Thank you Internet.

I've seen recommendations for the app Waterlogue on all types of social media. I'm a sucker for a fun app, and I'm anxious to try printing some of my creations. Here's what I like to call Indie Reclining:


My friend Kate sent me a link to this interesting article about adolescence and just how very, very, very difficult the whole stage is on PARENTS. Yes, poor us. Thanks Kate!

This recipe for Warm Winter Vegetables with Farro looks tasty (and healthy). Shutterbean also has a Reset Button Salad that I really like.

via Shutterbean

via Shutterbean

We are die-hard Full House fans in this house. So, of course, I have to link to Danny, Jessie, and Joey whenever possible. Um . . . Danny doesn't look so good. (But I still love him.)

Love this list of 50 books written by women authors. 

And one last note of inspiration (mostly for myself), and then I'm off to contemplate the weekend. And carbs. And maybe a few more carbs. Later!