A few good gems

Whew. Friday. I'll admit, this has been an off week for me. Nothing major, just some inconvenient insomnia (as if there were some convenient kind!). I've been nursing some kind of under-the-weatherness and a bit of the lazy doldrums while desperately trying to keep up with the growing to-do list. You know. So I'm turning the page on this week with some relief. I'm pretty sure that I can get my act together next week. Or tomorrow would be nice, maybe.  I came across this new word recently (thank you, Pinterest): sophrosyne (so-FRO-sy-nee). Who knew?! Looks like I'm in search of some good old sophrosyne:


In the meantime there's no shortage of awesomeness on the webbernet. Here are some of our picks for the best of the net this week:

The next time you're perusing a bookstore or library, take a cue from Corpus Librus and have a little book cover fun (could also be a fun rainyday weekend activity with your kids, a bookhunt/photo safari in one):

Photos via  Corpuslibris

Photos via Corpuslibris

I always enjoy Cary Randolph's tumblr (thanks, Therese). Here's her list this week of things her mother taught her (kind of the other side of our launching notes). What would be on your list? Or your kids'?!

Rebecca's "Old Houses are Like This" was one of the best things I read this week--a beautiful and honest picture of life and marriage, rats and beams, and fixing things.

Markus Zusak on letting go of The Book Thief.  (I've always wondered how authors feel about the movie adaptations of their books).

It's the Oscars this weekend!  Around here, we love the whole experience: the ballot guessing, the red carpet, and now and then we're known to get into a little dressing up to get into the spirit of things. I'm happy to know there are others of a similar mind in the world. Brittany (the House that Lars Built) has created some Oscar rosettes (with tutorial and download) to add to the cinema festivities. Why not?

Also Jordan (Oh Happy Day) scouted out some great Oscar party resources including these printable ballots. Enjoy! (The Academy Awards air on Monday morning here so we're going to have to get creative!)

Reading: Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell's coming-of-age-in-college-novel), Love Letters of the Angels of Death (Jennifer Quist's exquisite debut novel), The Girl You Left Behind (Jojo Moyes's engaging beach read spans WW1 and modern day the dual plots linked by a painting).

Watching: G and I have been watching the Danish TV series Borgen. Hailed as "the Danish West Wing but even better," it's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Have you heard of it? I'm a little obsessed. Borgen's heroine, Prime Minster Birgitte Nyborg is my new imaginary, fictional best friend.

Eating: these delicious roasted veggies (super easy) and planning on making these summer fruit pavlovas next week. 

What's happening in your world this weekend?