Tap, tap . . . is this thing even on?

Photo not related to post -- just still dreaming about our snowy holiday.

Photo not related to post -- just still dreaming about our snowy holiday.

First off . . . Happy 2014! I've got lots of hopes and intentions (that seems to be the new catch-word for 'goals') for the new year. I wouldn't go so far as to say there will be a new me in the new year, but I definitely am aware that there is room for improvement. So get ready for some really annoying posts about being healthy and choosing new drapery material for my living room and how I'm learning to discipline my work habits. Actually, maybe someone else should write about how to discipline my work habits. Anyone? Anyone?

Secondly, neither Annie nor I planned to effectively disappear from Nest & Launch. Seemingly, we had our editorial calendar well in place just before Christmas. But then Christmas happened, and Annie traveled across the entire world, and I traveled three hours away (by plane), and then it just all went kerfluffle. Or something like that. Here's the great thing about being your own boss -- you can give yourself time off! 

While we get all of our figurative ducks in a row, here are a few good gems to express our appreciation for your patience in this our time of hedonistic laziness. (Of course, I'm only speaking for myself there.)

  • Check out this article on consumerism, gratitude, and kids in the WSJ
  • Or this article, that thinks that American parents are missing the proverbial boat. Could be.
  • I made PW's newly-posted hamburger soup this week. It was a big hit on a chilly day. Get this -- I even left out the potatoes, cuz, you know, I'm being healthy and all.
  • I'm generally of a mind that the movie is NEVER as good as the book. But this list intrigues me.
  • It's never too early to move on to the next holiday. Minion valentines!
  • The Internet is a-buzz with calls to disconnect from technology (which is ironic, considering folks are using TECHNOLOGY to tell us we are ruining our lives with TECHNOLOGY). Check out this cool new gadget that promises to keep the phone out of your hand.

We plan to resume regular posting on Monday. See you then!