A few good gems

Happy Friday, y'all! A few of our favorite things from internet world this week:

I find these machine embroidery illustrations so inspiring:


Amanda deftly captures the moment when a child ever-so-subtly moves into the next phase.  A snippet: "I'm trying so hard to support their evolution but some days it feels like holding icicles in my hand. I am so tender, careful not to squeeze too hard...the ice melts beneath my touch, the shape constantly changing."

What's your Starbucks name? This article reminded me of a silly tradition we started at some point in the last ten years. When we visit a restaurant/cafe that asks for a name for our order, we take turns supplying some crazy fake name. There's something satisfyingly insubordinate about it. 

YES to this piece on Diana Nyad and the documentary The Other Shore. This part so resonated with me that it's kicked me back into gear on some of my "other shore" goals: "One day she woke up and felt the weight of an incomplete life. It was that simple. Something was missing. To hell with lost time. Because sometimes the only way to get rid of the haunting is to strap yourself to the ghost." What's your "other shore"?

via OWN

via OWN

My mom sent me this wise, tender, and practical article on the ministry of presence and how those of us outside of the zone of trauma and loss can better communicate with those who are smack in the center of it. 

Oh, I love La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows series. As their website puts it, they "film beautiful, rare, and intimate sessions with your favorite artists, and the ones you are soon to fall in love with." Check out Of Monsters and Men, Emiliana Torrini, the Lumineers and the first one I ever saw, My Brightest Diamond's lullaby to her son, I Have Never Loved Someone (which I have probably already posted here but here goes again):

This would be fun and easy to make for Valentines Day. I'm thinking you could just as easily use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and embroidery hoop:

Via Pinterest, where the link to the original is broken. Anyone know where this came from?

Via Pinterest, where the link to the original is broken. Anyone know where this came from?

Happy weekend, all!  Hope it's filled with some rest, some get-'er-done, and many good things. And a little silliness. See you back here on Monday.

Reading: Anna Quindlen's new novel, Still Life with Breadcrumbs. Also the always inspiring, kick-in-the-pants Steal Like an Artist (Austin Kleon). 

Eating: these coconut chicken tenders were a huge hit here. Also, I'm suddenly a huge edamame fan. It's my favorite snack right now.

Listening to: San Fermin's Sonsick and Oh Darling. 

And what are you reading/eating/listening to these days? Do share!