A few good gems

Wishful thinking. Image by Philipp Reiner

Wishful thinking. Image by Philipp Reiner

Hi all. We are expecting a "wintry mix" (shouldn't that be 'wintery'?) of precipitation tonight, which means my kids are expecting the day off from school tomorrow. I'm thinking they may just get their wish, since even one teeny, tiny flake of ice  in Houston SHUTS DOWN THE ENTIRE CITY. And . . . sleeping in would be a-okay with me as well. 

Regardless of weather, let's get this weekend started right. I really slaved over these links, because you know how I hate surfing the Internet and all. BUT SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT!

This Op-doc video, Sarah's Uncertain Path, is a powerful look at a pregnant teenager in impoverished, rural Missouri.

I've seen lots of heartwarming stories of adoption of the Internet as of late. Read this incredible story of a woman who has adopted five children from Tanzania (and started an orphanage as well). I've also been following global adoptions on this blog and . . . here.

George Eliot is my very favorite Victorian-era writer. I'm sorta like a George Eliot groupie. I just saw this book review, and my Amazon trigger finger is itching.

I loved this essay of all the places Katherine Coplen has lived. I don't know Katherine, but I appreciate her chronicle of college-priced housing. My favorite line described her third residence: "There were three bedrooms of varying sizes and shapes. One had a door both to the hallway and the kitchen (a snack door, obviously)." I read that and thought maybe we were related. Because I really like snacks.

Somewhere, in the vast recesses of Facebook, I came across a recommendation for a little app called Duolingo. Now I'm obsessed and have to set a timer to limit my duolingo time. Duolingo offers courses in Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I'm working on French, natch. You can play/learn online or on your smartphone.

Becca likes to take a granola bar to school everyday to eat after track. I always feel a little bad packing them because they seem mostly like junk food. Going to try these for next week. 

Going to whip up this Winter Citrus Salad for lunch this week. 

I know my kids are older, but who wouldn't enjoy a woodland creature bookmark? WHO? 

And on that note (the woodland creature note), I'm out of here. The Saratov Approach finally comes to Houston this weekend, so you'll find me there!