A few good gems

via marthastewart.com

via marthastewart.com

Have I told you how much I love Halloween? Especially the gory, scary parts? Because I do. I also love orange and black, candy corn, and giant fuzzy spiders draped over every lamp and mirror in my home. Truth be told, I personally own realistic vampire fangs that adhere onto your eye-teeth with special dental putty. I'm not even kidding. So it's no wonder I felt compelled to pin those little darlings pictured above. I'm totally making them. Maybe by the hundreds.

If you like your Halloween a little more cutesy, this Halloween wreath is hip (it uses Washi tape for heavens sake), cool, and appears to require nothing in the way of the dreaded hot glue gun (I have scars people).

In less Halloween-y news, this is an interesting essay  about millennials and their famed tendency to return to the nest. The author claims that the gender gap between millennials and their parents is noticeably closer than that of the baby boomers with their children. It's kind of a flattering argument if I do say so myself.

Have you seen this essay making the Facebook rounds? I'm not saying the author doesn't make salient points, but she's also been taken to task for criticizing questionably appropriate pics of girls in an essay flanked by pictures of her boys with their shirts off, flexing their muscles. I hate to be provocative. Oh, wait, no. I love to be provocative -- so whose side are you on? (Edited to add: Snarky (yet thought provoking response here.)

Did you download Rebekka Seale's September wallpaper? I love it. In fact, I'm typing this post right now with the lovely September painting as my background. I'm doing this on my Mac with a horribly cracked screen (and it's still lovely). {Note: Mac goes back to the MacHospital tomorrow.}

I'm really enjoying Cup of Jo's series, Mothering Around the World. My favorite post just might be about parenting in Norway -- especially the part about the dads always getting off work at the same time in order to help with dinner and the evening routine. But I like the Congo post too. Oh! And Japan. Read them all.

Happy Weekend all! Even though it's 100 degrees here, I can just feel Fall in the air. I realize I might be making that up, but I'm going with it.