A few good gems


Hello there, last weekend in September! How'd you get here so fast?

I'm off in a few hours to take four teenage girls on an overnight roadtrip to a regional church ball in Sydney tonight. I'm anticipating lots of hilarity, music, snacks, and stories but not a whole lot of sleep. After we get back tomorrow afternoon, though, I'm putting in a request for some laid-back weekending for the second half. Mama needs her rest.

What are you up to this weekend?  How about a few gems to start it off right?

This speech by George Saunders  to Syracuse University class of 2013 is a keeper. He talks about erring in the direction of kindness. It's a gem no matter your season or situation.

- My cousin has a knack for bringing the fun; in fact, I'd say he's a professional fun bringer when he's channeling his alter ego Fresh Big Mouf. He's got a cool Beat Scout video serieswhere he makes music from found sounds in places like a diner, an industrial park, metro station, or a church. Check out this one with Kina Grannis, covering "Royals":

and this week's episode, "You Can't Hurry Love."  Also, it's just a great idea for an idle Saturday afternoon--you could have your kids try a Beat Scout video of their own.

- This essay gave me some good food for thought in the midst of a stressful week. 

- Kudos (though belated) to this 15-year-old winner (and his mom, who drove him every night after school to a university lab to test his theory) for creating a cheaper, more accurate and sensitive early-stage pancreatic cancer sensor and winning the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair this year. His uncle died of pancreatic cancer and Jack came up with the idea in biology class. (Also? His unbridled reaction to the win makes me cry.)  Kids are awesome.

- The man who buried his treasure in a poem.  Fascinating! (via Longreads)


- I can think of so very many ways to use this ^ poster-making template! The site has other turn-a-quote-into-a-masterpiece template options, too. (Like the fortune cookie one, above.) Brilliant!

- I have found a new favorite skincare product: Fresh Sugar Face Polish. It's kinda spendy but a little goes a lonnng way and you just use it a few times a week. I'm a new fan! 

- Finally, this well-done Portrait of a Ten-Year-Old Girl includes some terrific insights and observations about this typically in-between age (via Longreads).

Go embrace that weekend, everyone! See you here on Monday.