A few good gems

I'm still in New York, but I saved up these awesome gems all last week. Just for you. I'm sure, by now, I've gained at least 5 pounds since vacation to me means moving from one great restaurant to another. So, by virtue of extreme caloric intake, I bring to you. . . A Few Good Gems:

Ever since the tissue pom hit the design scene, I've been a big fan of hanging decor. I've experimented with changing it up a bit -- hanging lanterns, hanging marshmallows, hanging mobiles. My new hanging love? These giant paper peonies. CornerBlog makes them into pinatas (and come on, who doesn't love a pinata?). I do admire a peony.

 Jane Austen is the face of the new ten pound note. Now that's what I'm talking about! The bummer is she doesn't go into production until 2017.

I actually happened upon this Richie Parker video (which is amazing) at This Little Miggy. I haven't been able to get it out of my head. The human ability to adapt is incredible, and this guy's attitude is humbling (to say the least).

This is a real product currently being produced by Rustoleum. It's completely blowing my mind. 

I've never been good at suffering my children's disappointment. Because I NEED to make things okay for them. Uh oh. Read the whole article here.

"During those years between routine extrication of choking hazards from my first born’s chunky hands and now, I never gained fluency with the two-letter word “no.” I tried to make everything better — way too often. I never mastered the “oh well” shrug, because I was unable to tolerate my children’s disappointment. Had I been able to say “no,” my life would be easier, and so would my children’s." 

My husband has long had a penchant for Magic Shell (you know, the ice cream topping). And look! You can make it yourself! I'm going to make it for him as a BIG OLE SURPRISE! Isn't he lucky?