A few good gems


The picture is of my graduate in about the third grade. I'm waxing nostalgic over here, and it ain't pretty.

The grad party is all wrapped up -- except for the dirty dishes and tired decor, which are littering pretty much every surface downstairs. My favorite part is when the party is winding down, just a few people lingering, and I can finally sample the food and take a some cleansing breaths. I'll write up a big post about all of the specifics next week, after I've had a few more hours sleep. Right now I need to get ready for more graduation festivities: A LUNCHEON! and THE CEREMONY! And then....A NAP????

But here are some cool links in the meantime: 

  • Have you seen Motherlode's 'How They Do It' series? I love a peek into the lives of other women. I especially enjoy this installment because the mom takes time for ice dancing lessons.
  • This essay about "Music Memory" and relationships (and even parenting) is spot on, especially the part where she falls in love with Willie Nelson (me too). Here's the cool part -- I know the writer! We went to junior high together. Yep, that makes me cool too. Right? 
  • I started downloading chalkboard fonts for Madison's party, and now I can't stop. Try them. They're fun! This is a good place to start. (For you wanns-be graphic designers, try these awesome chevron patterns.)
  • I made this for dinner this week. It's super summery and the kids were nuts for it. (Okay, Parker tolerated it, but everyone else was raving). 
  • Need a quick grad card? Here's a free printable. 
  • A Momastery TED Talk? Yes, please.