A few good gems

Off to the weekend!  But first, here are a few things caught my eye this week:

Interesting new findings about how much older siblings influence the youngers (in some cases, more influence even than parents).  

Great post on the ins and outs of caring for teen skin.

Redefining success for a college-bound child.

These look like an easy weekend craft: such lovely little felt boxes to make for party favors, gift boxes, or dresser organizers.

My favorite book-inspired t-shirts: great for birthdays or for a graduation present paired with a lovely, hardbound copy of the same book. Maddy has the Pride & Prejudice one. I think I would go for the Light in August one next. Or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn?

Happy weekending! Around here we are testing our marriage by assembling some Ikea furniture, attending a farewell party (sigh! lots of people moving from here this season), and several of us are attempting a sugar interventions. What's on your docket?