A few good gems


While I'm relieved the weekend is upon us, we are all itching for summer to officially begin. We've got kids up late, kids working, kids swimming, and they STILL have to wake up early for school. Stop the madness!

Just thought I'd throw in a shout-out to Steel Magnolias. When the boyfriend came to visit we indoctrinated him into the SMC (Steel Magnolias Club). Jordan reports that NONE of her college friends had seen the movie, which I feel is a downright tragedy and indicative of the failing state of our cultural values. Recently, the movie was taken off of Netflix. Don't worry, my letter-writing campaign has already begun. So, go. Watch Steel Magnolias. It's chock-full of one-liners and makes me cry like a baby every time. "Laughter though tears is my favorite emotion."

And a few other gems:

  • I've seen this abridged version of David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address circulating in a few spots this week, but it deserves repeating. I'm always up for some wise life advice.
  • I'm making this for Madison's grad party. Just waiting on the fabric to arrive.
  • I'm also considering these awesome embroidery hoops to hang above the table. Although I might hang mine facing down.
  • I was drawn to this quote by Jeanette Winterson because my girls are facing so much change right now. On another note, Jeanette Winterson is an interesting writer who doesn't get a lot of press in the US. She falls under my specialty of 20th Century British Writers, so I've read her for work . . . but also read her for fun. She's a win/win.
  • It's getting hot in Houston. I'm excited to try some new summer recipes, like this one.
  • For you bibliophiles, check out this archive to The New York Times Writers on Writing. I love hearing about how writers work, what their process is. I read about their fabulous work ethics . . . then I go watch another episode of The West Wing. It's not working for me.

That's it folks. Have a fabulous weekend!