A few good gems


Just wanted to pass along a few things from around the web that caught my eye or struck a chord this week. They're the kinds of things we would chat about over the back fence if we were neighbors (oh, if only!):

Pinhole Press is introducing some cool new photo wall decals. They're filed under their wedding section but I think they'd be great fun in a collection on a teen's bedroom walls.

Anne Lamott's account of her crash course in acceptance when her teenage son became a father gave me a lot to think about.

This TED talk by Esther Perel is a fascinating discussion of love and intimacy in long-term committed relationships.

On childhood lapses and concealment, My Twinkie Barricade had me laughing and remembering my own hiding places.

Where do you fall on the guilt spectrum?  In this essay Ruth Whippman talks about guilt and its uses and misuses, especially in families. Loved this line: "Guilt is an heirloom emotion, a moth-ridden quilt that no one can quite bring themselves to throw out."

Michelle reminds us, in her post for 3 Things for Mom, that big kids need tucking in, too. 

Dalene had some terrific insights on teens and the emptying nest in her Segullah article All I Really Needed to Know I Learned After My Kids Were Too Old for Kindergarten

Please do chime in! What did you read this week that struck a chord? 

Have a great weekend!