Happy halloween

I typed up an entire post last night on THANKSGIVING (see post below). But this morning I'm feeling like I didn't give Halloween its proper due. The very least I can do is wish you a Happy Halloween on this, the most festive of holidays. It's been raining like mad all through the night here . . . and, according to multiple weather sources, rain is slated to continue all day long. I'm not at all sure how that's going to play out for the trick-or-treating tonight. 

Remember how I told you I used to be crafty? One year, many moons ago, I sewed princess costumes for all three of my baby girls. I sewed and sewed and sewed. The picture in my mind was the three fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty, but little girls don't want to be fairy godmothers -- so we called them princesses.  My heart hurts a whole bunch looking at this picture. 


And now look. I went and made myself sad on this, the most festive of holidays. Geez.