A few good gems

Friday's here!  What's on your weekend list? Grocery shopping, yard work, a few chores around the house? Let's all add one frivolous, fun, just-because item amidst the housework and errands, shall we? I triple dog dare you. I think my additional goal for the weekend might be a semi-spontaneous dance party of some sort. Somewhere, somehow, I'm going to follow the music, throw back my head and spin around a few times.

Also: Sam turns 16 today! Happy day to my best and favorite son. He's a keeper. Plus he was born a week early--wise and kind from the start, that boy.

Photo credit: Peter Stackpole, 1947 via

Photo credit: Peter Stackpole, 1947 via

So, how about a few of the internet's best gems to take us into the weekend:

- How Ira Glass works. Because I'm a big fan and fascinated by his creativity and curious about his work ethic.

- Somehow I find it comforting and fascinating that in 1858, people said the telegraph was "too fast for the truth." 

- Girls Gone Child posted a terrific round-up of brother/sister duos singing covers on YouTube this week.  I especially loved this cover of Hero (Family of the Year); they blend beautifully and are so genuine and unaffected. I love that they look like they just turned on the video camera and went for it (2:42 is a favorite moment):

Summer reading for tweens for those dog days of summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you're sitting in).

- The Wonder Years is coming out on DVD soon (they've had to work out a lot music licensing details)? I thought this was a great oral history of The Wonder Years

- This site looks worth a closer look: A Better Queue wants to help you find good movies suited to your interests and preferences. It lets you filter Netflix movie lists according to Rotten Tomatoes ratings, genres, years, and number of ratings. Plus you can add movies straight to your queue (via SwissMiss).

- These split neck short sleeved blouses caught my eye. They look super flattering and easy going:

- And I'm sorely tempted by the copper wire twinkle lights that are on sale (on SALE!) at Restoration Hardware right now. (Well, except for that whole transcontinental power converting thing makes it a little harder here.) 

Happy weekending, everyone! Thanks for a great week; we'll see you back here on Monday.