A few good gems (+ giveaway winner!)

Hello, and welcome to the weekend! High five for making it through once again. I spent the first part of the week in re-entry mode, acclimating (read: walking around in a haze) and catching up on my to-do list. I think I've finally adapted back to this time zone now and will stop chirping awake at 3 a.m. every morning. Back to my non-early-bird ways.  

Here are a few gems to send you into your weekend. By the way, I am the flake who totally forgot it was my turn to post my Few Good Gems post last week until I was on the plane and it was impossible.  I threw in a few more gems today as penance. 

Also: giveaway winner posted at the bottom of the post!

Antique Chair Window Light by David Lloyd (I love his work and etsy store. Click the painting to see more.)

Antique Chair Window Light by David Lloyd (I love his work and etsy store. Click the painting to see more.)

Making Passes and Taking Hits is a terrific she said/he said post about kitchen flirtation, flinching, and the sometimes necessary navigation of the "not-in-the-mood" no-mo-jo in a marriage.

Mmmm. Ever since I saw these on Instagram, I've been dying to try this copy-cat recipe for Waffle Love's liege waffles. They look seriously decadent and delish. Thanks, Rochelle & Oh Sweet Basil!

photo via Oh Sweet Basil

photo via Oh Sweet Basil

Great tips from Mighty Girl on answering the age-old, slightly pesky question, "so what do you do?"

I love Brene Brown's thoughts here on giving engaged feedback, especially in disagreement. Though this particular write-up addresses teachers and co-workers I think these sound perfect for chats within families, too.

The Brookings Institution released some fascinating data about happiness worldwide. Apparently there's a relationship between happiness and aging: it's a U-shaped curve with the lowest point averaging around 40-42 (see below). Hmmm...(!) Encouragingly, happiness just keeps rising after that with happiness in the later years (after age 68ish, rising higher than the highest point in youth). 

In the same vein of our launching notes, one dad (Martin Wroe) wrote 21 lines of advice for his 21-year-old. There are some real gems there.

Medium is piloting a scholarship contest, Extra Credit, to recognize and reward outstanding college admissions essays. Hey! Recycling! Why not encourage your high school senior to put that college essay to good use?! Top three essays win $5000!

I just discovered the Australian company Blank Goods and am so impressed! I'd love to start with the matryoshka dolls or the nesting Easter eggs. So many possibilities here!

photos via Blank Goods

photos via Blank Goods

I'm not sure what to make of this "definitive list" of things that are cool, according to Reddit's teenage readers. At any rate, wouldn't it be interesting to compare with the "what's cool" list compiled by your resident teens?

Oh, my heart. Linsey's piece about the excruciating and proud experience of watching her son learn a tough lesson in grit and helping him survivie non-fairy-tale endings so resonated with me. Well done, mama.

WE HAVE A WINNER! Thank you all for your entries and for sharing your favorite things/favorite posts in our anniversary/favorite things giveaway. Reading through your comments was even better than a birthday cake!! We did the traditional random.org drawing and...
(drum roll, please).....
the winner is lucky #7! 

Lisl, congratulations! Please email us your address so we can send this box of bliss your way! nestandlaunch@gmail.com