A few good gems

Hi all! We've got a small case of day-after-the-4th lethargy. I'm hoping to shake that off in an hour or so and get my day moving. I'm especially excited because my oldest (the missionary) flies to France today -- and that means she gets to call me from the airport! She has a FIVE HOUR layover in Chicago, so I can chat with her for a good long time. I've sent her a calling card, but I do worry -- this child who's had a cell phone all of her life -- will she know how to use it??
While I'm waiting anxiously by the phone, here's some cool links I happened upon this week: 
  • Got all the ingredients for this in my pantry. Can't wait. 
  • Do you guys know Mara and Danny from A Blog About Love? I'm not-so-secretly hoping to run into them when I'm in Brooklyn in a few weeks (you know, because NYC is so tiny and all). I found this post on mother love fascinating and insightful. And true.
  • Baking and mental health -- a connection. I don't know about you, but a chocolate chip cookie helps soothe my inner beast. Check out this Guardian article -- and get baking! 
  • Who does the dishes? And why? This article claims that sibling roles influence adult gendered work divisions. I think . . . YES!
  • I know the 4th was yesterday, but I'm celebrating America all month. Here's a fine list of American short stories (full text) to mark the occasion. Start with Kate Chopin's "Regret." So good.
  • Looking for an innovative summer craft? I'm thinking about gathering my kiddos and trying out these cool bracelets. Surprisingly, the best braid-er/weaver in our family is my husband. He can (from memory) make any boondoggle design you can imagine. I know. Who doesn't love a good boondoggle?
  • I tried this grilled salmon recipe this week. Easy and tasty. Two thumbs up.